our story

Is your skin the same as anyone else’s?

We have unique fingerprints. We have distinct skin. There are a variety of skin care products available, some good and some poor, but almost always generic. How often do we seek a product that worked so well for someone only to and it does so little for us?

You carry your skin your whole life

Every beauty product that you apply will work better if you have inherently healthy skin. We believe that skin care solutions should be as unique as your skin. We started Farms2Face to make personalized skin care with farm fresh ingredients possible!

Our philosophy

A strong belief that nature has potent ingredients which can be effectively harnessed to improve skin health. We have come up with a proprietary algorithm to formulate precise masking for your unique skin. Simply put, we match ingredients to your skin. This creation for you is handmade with organic and natural ingredients. Our masks are preservative free and do not contain any harmful chemicals. It’s about going back to our roots: applying nature to nurture.

The crew

Rupa Bhat has worked in high fashion retail for many years before starting on this new exciting journey. The seeds were sown many years ago in her childhood, when she helped her mom create a line of organic natural products.

Rani Bhat is a trained skin care aesthetician who worked with her mom for many years. She then worked in corporate roles before getting back into skin care with Farms2Face.

Growing up, we saw, helped and learnt the art of creating all natural organic skin care treatments with our mom who has a lifetime of experience as a naturopathic skin care aesthetician. We became more conscious of our environment and the harmful chemicals in our personal care products as we welcomed our daughters into this world. Going back to our roots, we started making our own skin care products. We are now bringing our traditions into your lives.

We are starting with bringing fully customized mask solutions for your unique skin.

Because it’s Personal!